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  • NEW! COVID-19 Routine Cleaning. Contact for pricing. Pyramid will disinfect hourly common area items including, but not limited to furniture, doorknobs, light switches, pool handrails, water fountains, faucet handles, furniture, etc

  • NEW! Pool Reservation Scheduling Calendar. Contact for pricing. Pyramid will create and manage a unique reservation webpage for your community’s residents to reserve pool use time. This will enable clients to manage pool guests, minimize crowds, and ensure adequate time needed to clean/disinfect common areas throughout the day.


  • Administrative Record-keeping. Contact for pricing. Pyramid will maintain daily written record keeping of pool patrons, update community pool usage logs weekly for increased accuracy and usage enforcement. This log will be available at the pool site for inspection by the Client.


  • Bathroom Cleaning Service. Contact for pricing. Pyramid will clean and disinfect the common bathroom one time per week. Note: Client shall supply all required cleaning supplies.


  • Monitor pool pH levels. Pyramid will monitor twice a day to ensure that the pH level of your pool is safe and appropriate for swimming. Pyramid will keep a log of the pH levels that will be available at the pool site for inspection by the Client. 

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