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With a wide range of services that suit your every need and requirement, our team has the know-how and expertise to get done what you need done. Let us know how we can help, and we guarantee that your experience with our professionals will be satisfactory. We love to hear from our clients, so feel free to contact us with your feedback.

Pool Monitor & Gate or Slide Attendant 

  • Our employees will greet and welcome members and guests to the pool area, maintains order and cleanliness, assists in pool operations and events, and performs administrative tasks as needed.

  • Check in members and guests at the pool front desk and distribute towels upon request

  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment

  • Communicate with members effectively about charges to pool openings, closures or issues

  • Collect and organize lost and found

Adminstrative Duties

  • Maintain a daily sign in log of all pool visitors

  • ​Distribute the scan cards or wrist bands for pool entry

  • Maintain a list of pool related incidents

  • Communicate with management on the pool activity

  • Check and document health and safety violations


Pool Concierge

(in addition to the above)

  • Charge guest fees(if applicable)

  • Distribute towels upon request

  • Take reservations and organize the pool schedule

  • Answer the incoming telephone calls (if applicable)

  • Help with organization and planning of pool events

  • Put out and maintain refreshments

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Daily Maintenance

Pyramid pool monitors are trained to efficiently and appropriately dismantle conflict, enforce pool rules, and promote overall fairness so that all patrons can enjoy their pool experience.

  • Assist in membership control and collection of fees

  • Monitor and prevent roughhousing and unruly behavior

  • Close pool and contact management if pool is contaminated 

  • Monitor weather conditions and pool use 

  • ​Escort violators from the pool area 

  • Watch for gate being propped open

  • Refuse entry of unauthorized guests and underage kids


Within weeks of our services, our clients observe a decrease in nuisances and increased enjoyability of their communities' amenities.

  • Keep deck, tables, and chairs neat and uniform

  • Keep bathrooms tidy

  • Empty trash in pool area and restrooms

  • Keep tissue and paper towels stocked

  • Skim pool when needed

  • Wipe tables down throughout the shift

  • *NEW* Monitors will enforce COVID-19 guidelines that are present in the pool rules

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